NewSea's Di-Dar Female Hairstyle ~ Pooklet'd for all ages

Hi! I've been waiting some time to get this hair, and the wait was worth it! :D Love the hair and the texture looks surprisingly better than in previous hairs. This hair may present some strange white lines on the top, that happens because of the mesh, it's not my fault :)

~ This retexture works for all ages.
~ Hair mesh polycount: 10000+ polys for High Quality, 5000+ polys for Low Quality (good)
~ This hair comes in two versions: EA's highlights and Adjust-Shine Highlights. You can only have one version!
~ MESH IS NOT INCLUDED! You can get it here (or here)
~ Hair retextured with NewSea's permission.

Have fun! ^-^

(Click the pictures to enlarge)

I Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Conversion or The Mesh Itself.
Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to NewSea and to me.
Original hair by NewSea
MESH IS NOT INCLUDED! You can get it here (or here)
How to install? Extract the files into your Mods/Packages folder. If that doesn't work, please follow these instructions.


EA's Highlights


Child and Toddler

Adjust-Shine Highlights


Child and Toddler

Model credits: 
~ Skintones by Aikea / LemonLeaf / 234jiao / Ephemera
~ Eyes by LemonLeaf /
in798 / -Shady-
~ Lipsticks, blushes and eyeliner by LemonLeaf
~ Eyeshadows by LadyFrontbum
~ Eyebrows by daluved1 / Jessica_2020
~ Clothes by The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Pack / The Sims 3 Late Night / The Store


  1. Great! This is gorgeous. I absolutely love your textures!

  2. haha I was waiting for this! It's gorgeous as usual. Thank you Anubis :D

  3. I was hoping you would retexture this hair! Thanks so much, it's gorgeous!

    *Runs off to download*

  4. Amazing !! Thank You !! :)

  5. ahahahah I use paysitesshouldbedestroyed.... I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered it! ^.^ x

  6. Perfect! Thank you Nubie! :D

  7. Gorgeous as always!
    btw I just looking at your old hair. May I know where I can find this hair?

  8. Thanks guys! :D

    @Anon: I won't do that hair because the mesh doesn't fit the head very well and shows a part of the scalp :/

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi Anubis,
    It looks goood, makes me think of Madonna's hair during her disco era ;D
    However, I never know the difference between EA's & adjust-shine highlights, can you tell me?

  11. @maxdouny16: Sure! Adjust-Shine highlights are showcased in the 6th picture. With that version, you can control the shine applied on the hair, with EA's you can control fine streaks along the hair.

  12. I was waiting for this hair to be retextured, and who better than you to do it?
    Thank you <3 :)

  13. Hey, Anubis! Absolutely LOVE your hairs, but I have a question:

    How do I apply your retexture? I download the original mesh, install it (since it's in pack format) and then simply download your files and put the package files on the right folder (as if it was a normal CC)?

  14. @biawog: Yup! That should work fine. If it doesn't, then follow the tutorial I linked to. (it's below the pictures)

  15. Oooh, I see! God, I'm such an idiot, I mean, the tutorial is there, in plain sight, and I completely overlooked -___-" ! Sorry....

    Muchas gracias! Yo soy brasileña y a mi me gusto muuuuucho sus pelos y me quedé mas contenta cuando vi que es de Argentina :D!

  16. Hey Anubis, I <3 the retexture on this great hairstyle
    I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this hairstyle:

    Do you know where to download it?
    Thankss!!!(: <3

  17. Hey Anubis! I have a little question : where did you get the eyes of the brunette one? The green/yellow ones? I think her name is Amélie, i'm not sure tho :/

    Thanks :D

  18. @Anon: It won't let me see that link!

    @June: Eyes by -Shady- (link on the credits)

  19. @Anubis: Copy it and paste it.

  20. Anubis, what skintone do you use from lemononleaf?
    she has so many! xD

  21. @Copy&Paste anon: That's what I did, but it says "error_link.gif"

    @Skintone anon: I'm not pretty sure, I guess I used an asian one, not sure about wich version TBH XD

  22. @Anubis: Haha ok, thanks(: <3

  23. omg! i love the new look of the blog. i love the fact that the header changes every time we come to blog! simply amzing! and of course, i love the hair

  24. Can Someone Please Help?? I install these packages (your FAB hairs Anubis) and then I go in-game, and they are not there. I know for a fact my package folder is fine because all my mods work. PLEASE please help me!!!! :/ I can't use any of these hairs! :'(

  25. Hola Anubis, primero te felicito por las maravillosas cosas que haces y segundo, tengo una pregunta: ¿vos utilizas el simpose para hacer posar a las sims? ¿De que forma se utiliza? porque yo lo instale en el juego y no logro que me de alguna opcion para hacer posar a las modelos.
    Ojalá puedas ayudarme.
    Un saludo

  26. hi anubis! can i make a request? can you create a long and a bit curly hair? please it will be areally great masterpiece! thanks in advance!!

  27. This is gorgeous! :) Please follow my blogs Sim 3 Stuff ( and Peach Sims (

  28. Hey Anubis!
    I'm a big fan of your hair retextures. So much I look at your site everday :S Anyway, I downloaded this hair but it doesn't show up in my game :( I love this hair so much, so I'm kinda gutted. It's in my packages folder for definite. All the other hair's are working fine though, so I have no idea what's happened. :/

  29. @Ceejerz: Do you have the original installed in your game? If so, did you clean your cache files? If nothing else works, try this method:

  30. Thank you I really love your creations I was looking for a hair for my children and toddlers and its perfect love you Anubis <3 xx


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