Serene Breeze ~ Collared Dress for Teens-to-Adult

Hi there everyone! I know, I know, I haven't uploaded anything for months, but I'm still alive! lol
College got me really busy, and on my free time all I wanted to do was playing some PC games and not running photoshop again. Anyways! Here I am, with a new dress that comes in three versions: sleeveless, sleeved and lace sleeved. It was inspired on the dress that the female protagonist from Pokemon X/Y uses, weird isn't it? :D

~ Dress is under everyday, formal, outerwear and career categories, for female teens, young adults and adults only.
~ Four recolorable channels, three designs included.
~ Both package and sims3pack formats available.
~ Mesh is included.
~ Polycount: 3900+ polys (normal)
~ Base Game compatible.

If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.
Please, don't redistribute. Don't re upload in other sites.

Feel free to use this mesh/textures for your own creations, but please give me credit and link back here!

For Young Adults/Adults

For Teens

Model credits: 
~ Hairs by NewSea / Peggy (Me)
~ Skintones by 234jiao / therewasnothingleft / ephemera
~ Eyes by -Shady- / escand / lemonleaf
~ Lipstick, blushes and eyeliner by LemonLeaf
~ Eyeshadow by LadyFrontbum
~ Eyebrows by Jessica_2020 / The Sims 3
~ Shoes by The Sims 3 / Me / The Store
~ Poses by Elexis / Skylar


  1. Welcome back!
    Omg I love you so much <3
    *fangurlz* :D Thank you!

  2. Beautiful *o*
    Gran trabajo y bienvenido de vuelta ;)

  3. OMG I lovvvvveee this! *-*
    Can I ask you something? What for a Computer do you use? Want to buy some new with a good Sims3 -Quality

  4. This is amazing! I missed you soooooo much! I needed some new Anubis content in my game! <3

  5. YAYYYYY ilyilyily ahh. its perf . i cant wait till i download itttt, btw good luck on college !! :):):)

  6. Oooh that dress is pretty awesome! Thanks :)

  7. Welcome welcome welcome back, we missed you<333

  8. I think this might be my favorite piece by you yet. The lace top version is almost identical to a dress I have in black, although the sleeves on mine only go about halfway.

  9. OMG perfect thanks! I love you <3

  10. Hey Anubis!
    Amazing like everything you do!
    Welcome back, one of the wondrous creators of The Sims!
    And elexis? Any news?

  11. Thank god you are back! I couldn't wait for you to upload again and this is PERFECT! Love your work! <3

  12. Yay Anubis returns \o/ I love the dress, thank you !
    Do you know where can I find some knee-high stockings for teens ? Or is it base game ? (didn't play for some time)

  13. miss you a lot anubis! but thats a pretty damn good comeback! ty for your lovely work!

  14. My favorite creator reappears out of the shadows! (Forgive me, I must be dramatic.) So very happy to see you back, and this dress is GORGEOUS! Much love to you, Anubis. Hope college is treating you well.

  15. Just found out about your site (wish I found out sooner)! Have to say, your creations are beautiful! Thanks for the downloads! :)

  16. My reaction when I get on this website: OH MY GOD OH MY OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!
    ~Fangirl Overload~

  17. This reminds me of something CutiePieMarzia would wear! I love It!!!

  18. Ermahgerd. Pokémanz. I saw this in a Let 's Play series and I was like, "OH MAH GAWD. IT'S SERENA!" Have been planning on making Pokémon Trainer inspired Sims for a while now, so this will definitely help with that. Will download as soon as I set up my new computer! \(^o^)/

  19. Really beautiful ! I like it so much !! *.*
    Thank you !!

  20. i love coming to this site because it always has what i am looking for thnks so much!!

  21. Ahhh, Hikari is so beautiful! ♥


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