Waving goodbye

Hello there!

I know it's been a long time since my last creation (over a year! damn!) and I wanted to pass by to say hi!

What has kept me busy? Well it was my last year in college, and I've been preparing my final with which I will graduate if I pass, it's half effort half luck in this exam, so I dont really know what my future holds that day. It's soon, and I'm sick nervous!
Oh! I'll be a graphic designer with a shiny title if I pass it, little of you knew what I was studying to begin with! lol
I also got a job (yay!) in an agency as a graphic designer, and that has consumed most of my time, along with the finals and going to the gym.

So in short, I'm doing fine! And I'm still alive! lol I've received many emails and comments and private messages from fans concernced about me and my life, so this is my thanking you for still having a warm memory from me in your heart! After all this time...

And of course, you may be interested wether I'm going to keep creating for any sims game or not, the answer is no. It makes me sad too, but my time here has passed, I've been around for 4 years anyway, more than I thought I'd last lol
There aren't many reasons for this, just personal things like losing interest in TS3 completely, not really feeling like learning all the new tools and props for TS4 (I got spoiled with TS3 creations tools, everything was so easy!) though they may have gotten better after a year, I still have to learn that and I'd rather spend my energy somewhere else, my dream is to become a videogame designer someday, so who knows if you'll play with my creations again in the future!

Let me finish saying THANK YOU for all these amazing years and great memories working along with you, you helped me so much to go through my toughest times, and your love and appreciation made me stay longer giving you the best from me because you deserved it.

Thanks for being awesome,

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