Megan Twalland ~ The Rocker Girl

Megan is my favorite model by far, and many of you seem to like her so much as I do, I can't deny sharing her! This is a gift for all my Facebook Fans who chosed her to be uploaded for the celebration of reaching 1000 followers! Here she is guys! :D

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Megan Twalland

Megan is 23 years old, she was born in Riverview. She had a very lonely childhood, other kids bullied her because she had ginger hair, freckles, shy personality and taste for classical music. Megan had only one friend then, but when he moved out of town, she suddenly switched her personality. Feeling completely alone, Megan decided to change everything she didn't like about herself: dying her hair black, using heavy make up and punk clothes, she stopped being introverted. She felt much secure about the woman she was, none would ever tease her again in highschool or anywhere, her personality grew strong.
Megan's natural skills when it comes to music turned her into a complete musician, compositor, singer, guitar player and pianist. "I'll show them that I can achieve anything I want. Someday, I will rule this world" she stated, "All they hatred made me strong and gave me the inspiration to move on and be the best".
Right now, she's living in Bridgeport, working as a singers co-worker in "BridgeportMusicalStars" and as a part-time model.

Traits List:

CC List:
- Lipstick by LemonfLeaf
- Eyeshadow by Lady Frontbum (romance)
- Blush by LemonLeaf
- Eyebrows by Jessica_2020
- Skin by 234jiao
- Hair by me (Peggy)
- Eyes by Ephemera
- Top from The Store
- Pants by The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Pack
- Boots from The Sims 3 (BaseGame)


- This sim has been packaged with EA default skin and hair.
- Built with game version 8.0.152 (BaseGame+WorldAdventures+Ambitions+Late Night+Outdoor Living+Generations)
- To install: Extract the .sim file into your "My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims" folder.
- This sim should be compatible with all the versions of the game, if not, please let me know.
- I am NOT going to upload a .sims3pack file, because the CC used would stick with the sim and cause issues.
- Make sure you have a file named "downloadedsims.index" in your SavedSims folder. If you don't,  create it going to CAS and saving a sim to the bin.


Note: As Megan is using the Rebellious trait from Generations, I gave you a secondary link where she's not using that trait, so in case you don't have that expansion pack installed you can user her. I'm not sure if there's a risk of using the Generations version if you don't have it (but have the latest patch installed) so this is for prevention only :)

(Download this one if you don't have Generations installed)


Megan dedicates this song to that kid who was her only friend, 
it expresses her deeper feelings.


  1. Okay, I change my mind. She is my favorite of your models now <3 Glad you released her Nubie~

  2. she is cute and you have an error in the word Lemonleaf))

  3. She is so gorgeous, no wonder why she is your favorite!
    Thanks for sharing Anubis!!!

  4. So much beautiful attitude <3 :)

  5. :D !!! siempre me gustó porque creí que estaba inspirada en Amy Lee :P adenas veo que te gusta... bueno, gracias!! :)

  6. I LOVE, LOVE Megan! She is so gorgeous. And I very much enjoyed reading her biography. It was a lot of fun. :) I am so happy to have her uploaded.

    I love all your models! ♥

    She is my favorite, OH MY GOSH !
    *Running to play TS3 with her* '

  8. Anubis, she not worked in my game :(
    Please help me...
    My version is:
    Thank you :)

  9. Thank you! I'm glad you like her guys! ^-^

    @Anon: I think you have to update your game, latest version (for you) should be 6.4 not 6.0
    If that doesn't work, read the instructions I gave in the post. I hope you get it to work! :)

  10. Anubis, I like that, along with sim, you give us her background .. So it becomes more interesting .. And Megan just Gorgeous! ^^

  11. I'll try to upload my game, thank you Nubie, I like so much you and your work ♥ '

  12. Nubie, how did you get the skin to show up?I downloaded the skin and put it in my mods folder but when I try to use it the skintone is completely black...

  13. @Anon: That's so weird, it shows up fine in my game. I'll do some research and see if I can help you :)

  14. i dont have a savedsims folder? do you just create on yourself?

    thanks for all the great stuff anubis, i appreciate it(:

  15. @Skyelar: You can do it yourself, but I recommend to to this: go to CAS and create a sim (any sim you want, doesn't matter) and then save it into the bin. Now you'll have the SavedSims folder and the "downloadedsims.index" file in it. Oh and make sure your game is fully patched! :)

  16. thanks so much! that really helps!

  17. I love her! Thanks for sharing her!

  18. Ohhhh thank you thank you thank you again. SHE is my favourite model!


  20. She's beautiful. :)

    It's kind of funny...the story of her childhood is the story of my childhood--red hair, freckles, and all. I wish I had grown up as she did, though. I'm 23 and still the weak little thing that I was then. :/

    Thanks for uploading her!

  21. She's gorgeous!
    I love Evanescence too <3

  22. she is beautiful
    where can i get more of your models?

  23. must i download all the stuff she is wearing in order for her to work?

  24. cute :3
    I like Megan) Anubis, this eyes(lenses) for both genders?

  25. From where is the music sheet in the background of the 3rd picture??

  26. The site doesn't work for me everytime I try to go get Megan's eyes! Is there an alternative link??

    1. Here:

  27. So All You're Saying She Is Like Amy Lee From Evanescence <3!!

  28. She's so beautiful =D
    Nubie, where did u find meganceline's hair ?


  29. I'm a HUGE Evanescence fan and i LOVE Megan she so reminds me of Amy Lee <3

  30. Oh my gosh, I love her! Can't believe you know/like evanescence, the reason I clicked on her was because she looked like Amy who is my complete idol! Do you like evanescence? I'm there complete number one fan!!! xD

  31. Totally looks like santana from glee. (hope i spelt her name rite)

  32. Hey Nubie! This sim is totally awesome, she is really beautiful! You make an amazing job, keep it going!
    How you did the tattoo she got on her wrist? Is is from the expansion pack or just a mod? I like it a lot.

  33. Nubie can i download Megan without the Outdoor Living Stuff?

  34. Wow! Megan has my personality (Minus the classical music) and my name happens to be Megan. She even looks like me.


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