BMO from Adventure Time ~ Decor and Videogame!

Hi! This is a special creation to all the AT fans out there! It's the first functional object I've ever made, and I could never have done this without the help of Anto and SeeMyu! Thanks guys! :D
As this is my first object, I might miss some details on the descriptions, and I tested it so my guess is it works perfectly! :)

~ These objects can be found under: Sculptures and Kid sections, and the videogame console can be found under Misc. Electronics.
~ Decoration BMO costs $50 and videogame BMO costs $250.
~ Three recolorable channels, three designs included.
~ Polycount: 1000+ polys for LOD1 and 240+ for LOD2
~ Both package and sims3pack formats available.
~ Base Game compatible

Valentine's Day Gifts! ~ Layered dress + NewSea's SweetScar retexture

Hi! These are my small gifts for Valentine's day, a nice layered girly dress with a flirty vest and a retexture of a beautiful short hair by NewSea, I hope you like them! :D

Amber Sky ~ Lace dress for YA's-to-Elder

Hi! Time for something simple, yet cute. A nice dress with a lace layer paired with a belt, perfect for that date with your beloved one! I also made it for elders, I think it looks pretty good on them! :D

~ Outfit is under everyday, formal, and career categories, for female young adults, adults and elders only.
~ Two recolorable channels, fully morphs supported. (3900+ polys)
~ Both package and sims3pack formats available.
~ Mesh is included.
~ Base Game compatible.

Enjoy! ^-^

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