EA's Highlights VS Adjust-Shine Highlights ~ All you need to know!

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between EA's Highlights and Adjust-Shine Highlights? Well is time for my to explain that the best I can! And with pictures of course :D

First of all, what are higlights?

Highlights can be changed on the hair section of your CAS screen. They appear as fine lines across your base color, the third button from the top.

EA's Highlights

This type of highlights is used by EA on their meshes, these are streaks along the hair that you may use to add more deepness to the texture.

(Hair by Rose)

As you can see on the picture, the green streaks are the highlights used for this method. To get the best result, use light colors on dark hairs like black, brown or ginger, and dark colors for light colored hairs, like blonde for example. This way, you'll add deepness to the hair. It may take some time to use it correctly but the results are fantastic!

Other examples of hairs using "EA's Highlights"

(Hairs by Peggy, NewSea and Cazy)

Adjust-Shine Highlights

This type of highlights is used by several creators such as Peggy, NewSea, Rose, TumTum and many others. With this method, you are able to change the color of the area of the hair where it is supposed to shine. Let's see an example:

(Hair by Peggy)

You may notice how the green areas on the right picture match the white/gray areas on the left picture. That means you can use any color to choose how shiny you want your hair. This method tends to make hairs more realistic and shiny looking, in comparison of "EA's Highlights". You have to pick a color that is lighter than the base color of your hair, for example: if you hair is brown, pick the same color for the highlights and then make it lighter, whiter looking.

Other examples of hairs using "Adjust-Shine Highlights"

(Hairs by NewSea, aWT and Peggy)

EA's Highlights VS Adjust-Shine Highlights

Can't you tell the difference yet? These pictures may help you:

(both EA's and Adjust-Shine are using the same color on each comparison picture)

But... but! What is better? What should I be getting? Help!! :(

I'm afraid I can't choose for you. You have to make your own decision, test both versions and keep whatever you like more! :D


And here ends this... um... tutorial? XD 
I hope this clears any doubt you might have! Don't be afraid to ask! ^-^


  1. Let's start an "Adjust-Shine Highlights" dictatorship now!!!

    Hahahaha XD

    Great info Nubie *-*

  2. Haha, love it. I always thought the difference was obvious, but I suppose there are people out there that would like to know more, or don't fully understand. =]

    Why would you start a dictatorship? I will never follow you! Rawr.

    Also, I'm fairly certain I have your background pattern in my sims game, and use it on my wallpaper patterns often. Lol.

  3. i love both style XD

  4. I love EA ones more.
    Nubie, i wanted to know - i was looking through ur peggy tag and noticed that earlier u had only made one version - its the ea one or my eyes are playing a trick on me? =o

  5. @Neiv: some retextures are old and there is not an adjust-shine version available :)

  6. How do you get the adjust shine version? I would love to replace the EA default "highlights"

  7. I love EA ones more too. :)

  8. I prefer EA version its more suitable for game and and looks more realistic. Adjust Shine seems plastic to me and i never use them. Hope you keep up with EA version :)

  9. I've always preferred EA's highlights to adjust shine. I mean it looks so fake to me.. and sometimes it makes the colors too dark, or too bright.

    I've tried downloading adjust shine and using it in the past.. and I just can't. I actually deleted every last peggy, newsea, ect, shiny hair that I had, to replace with EA highlight retextures if I could find them. c:

    Since the sims 2, I have been a strict EA-style downloader.. I don't like to have anything in my game that doesn't suit the ambience that is Sims.

    1. Me too. I hate when people use that ugly CC, that doesnt fit with the rest of the game. AND, it does look a bit silly, if you make a new sim, in a brandnew neighborhood, at the sim is the only on with adjust-shine highlights.

    2. I like EA´s more too, are prettier than the adjust-shine, like you both said it looks too fake.

  10. Anubis I absolutely love the adjust shine and every single one of your hairs. They are amazing and your work is even more amazing. Furthermore why would you fellow simmers make such negative comments on his blog. If you they do not suit you we all have the option of not using. Sometimes some things are better left unsaid

  11. Does Anyone know where she got the blonde models hair. the teased more emo-ish one?

  12. THANK YOU!! This helped so much!!!! :)

  13. I suppose I like EA's more, only because it.. Fits more with the game, i'm used to it.

  14. Anon- It's NewSea's Holic, and other Anon, yeah I have the same curiosity, HOW do you get the adjust shine thingy?

  15. Is it just me or do the adjust a shines make ur sim's hair look gray? Especially with light blonde hair.

  16. I prefer EA shine, Adjust shine is unnatural and plastic. Perfect tutorial, you are really great.

  17. I like EA's more... i find adjust shine lacks variety in the shades two blonde sims seems to have the same hair color... in EA's you can clearly see the difference with the shades and looks more natural in game...


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