Butterfly Sims2 Hair 018 ~ Converted for teen-to-adult

Hi! I'm happy I finally could convert this hair. It took me some extra time to make it look almost perfect, but now it's done! :D 
I want to give special thanks to B for giving me the hair at first and Anto for helping me with the bone assignments.
- This hair works for female teens, YA's, adults and elders.
- Two versions available: EA's highlights and Adjust-Shine highlights (you can have both at the same time)
- The polycount is high.  Around 12000+ polys for HQ and around 9000+ polys for LQ
Have fun! ^-^
(Click the pictures to enlarge)

 - "Adjust-Shine" Highlights

I Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Conversion or The Mesh Itself.
Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to ButterflySims2 and to me.
Original hair by ButterflySims2
EA's Highlights
 Adjust-Shine Highlights

 Model credits: 
~ Eyes by LemonLeaf / Imminent Fate / -Shady-
~ Lipsticks and blush by LemonLeaf
~ Eyeshadows by LadyFrontbum
~ Eyebrows by daluved1 / Jessica_2020 
~ Clothes by Liana / The Store


  1. Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. this hair looks so pretty, ty nubie!

  3. Thanks Anubis I love this hair. Good job, I hope you keep doing these beautifull hairs. Thanks!!! :)

  4. Howesome!! Congrats'!!!! :) I hope you'll convert it for girls!......?

  5. Ahh, thank you!! I love love all these hairs. :D

  6. This hair is beautiful, Nubbie! But I'm just wondering if there's any way to lower the poly count. High poly hairs don't sit well with my game :(

  7. Nice work!!! Thank you for sharing :D

  8. Sorry to be a bother, but do you think you can use another uploading host alternative? It just that MediaFire & Zshare pop up very inappropriate ads and it gets to the point where it freezes up and it won't close and have to force shut down. :( You don't mind uploading to Boxnet? It seems the safest one

  9. I feel so Awesome! Just joking, but you are welcome, Anubis. Wow, the hair came out really nice. I might use it.

  10. gracias,te ha quedado perfecto,sabes si es dificil en meshing poner un cabello mas corto? es que me encantaria que fuera un poco mas corto,de todas formas muchas gracias por convertirlo.

  11. Hi Anubis !!! When do you go to put this hair of butterflysims for download I really like it.http://anubis360.blogspot.com/2010/09/wip-three-hairs-rose-peggy-and.html

    Please, can you put it for download???
    Your new conversion os very lovely I like it.

  12. Thanks so much for your hair-retextures! I only use hairs retextured by you... And that's because of the highlights. I don't like those uber-shiny hairs, but prefer hairs that match well with the EA ones... Like yours, the ones with the EA-highlights at least. I'm happy that you still retexture your hairs both ways, the ea one and the shiny one, and I felt the need to say, that there are still some people which prefer the EA-highlighted hairs. Your work is really appreciated, thank you so much for making my game a whole lot better!

    I have no idea if my english is good enough so that you understand... It's not my first language, so sorry for stupid mistakes.

  13. Nubie, what tools do you use to create you clothing and things that are on MTS? im thinking of getting into clothes making, i have a few ideas :)

  14. OMG!! Everything you do is perfect!

  15. This hair is so beautiful, I also love the hair colour you have used on the far right model on the second to last picture, would you mind posting the colour numbers please :D

  16. es hermoso *.*
    Saludos ;)!

  17. This hair is gorgeous - what a lovely conversion! Thanks a million Anubis :D

  18. This hair is beautifull. Perfect for my sims-star.

  19. Thank you so much for the conversion, that hair is just sublime! I know I'll definitely abuse it in my game. :D

    Any chance of making a FtM version of it? :)

  20. mesh?? :( i cant find it:(

  21. I too prefer the EA highlight hair. I try to stay true to EAs style - shiny is nice, but it looks mismatched to the genre (IMO)

  22. This is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!!! :D

  23. this looks exactly like my hair! downloading for sure!

  24. gorgeous! I love it! stunning! you guys are amazing! :)


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