I had to delete the adjust-shine requests thread, it was getting out of control with all those stupid trolls. I'm sorry if you really wanted those hairs, but I decided to wait until the trolls leave. I will make a new thread later, but not for now.

And to the XM Sims/Peggy troll: your comments will be marked as spam and I won't respond to them. If XM/Peggy have a problem with my site and with what I do, tell will contact to me with real references, and not behind an anonymous comment. They don't need any defendor, so simply cut it down.
I have already e-mailed XM Sims to discuss about their policies, if I can keep or not the hairs I've retextured before Flora changed her policy, and you don't have to worry about this because it's our business, not yours.
Peggy doesn't worry about this site or any other with retextures of her hairs. This happens since she started creating,  so if she cared, she could have stopped this long ago. Don't feel sorry, she's still earning money.

This said, I repeat: any other comment refering to other creators policies being disrespected/ignored/whatever will be marked as spam. Yeah, whinewhinecrycry. This is my site and I make the rules. Get over it. The only people with permission to complain about "thefts" are the original creators, not bored trolls.

I hope you find a real life, dear trolls! ^-^

EDIT: Flora responded my mail. She didn't seem to be angry with me and she told me about aWT's method for excluding the mesh in future retextures. So you, little troll that had impersonated XM Sims, you failed my dear :)
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