Evanescence is coming back!

I'm so happy my favorite band ever is finally releasing a new album soon! Some of you may know that I'm in love with Amy Lee and her absolutely breathtaking voice, so I had to do something inspired on her and the band! Just my simmies posing, not CC based on Amy until I see some cool new clothes from her :)

Hope you like it! :D

(Click the pictures to enlarge)

~ The Original ~

 ~ The Unedited Picture ~


  1. Mmmm, I love Amy Lee sim. She looks puurrfect.)
    btw, amazing screenshot..

  2. Awesome!! It's really beautiful - well done :)

  3. Wonderful shot! It looks like you had a lot of fun! All your Sims look beautiful!

  4. I love them, too!!! You did a very nice job! Btw, WHERE ARE THOSE DREADS FROM? They're awesome! :)

    It's perfect!
    You really have talent Nubie, I'm so impressioned.
    Congratulations! ^^
    Nubie please, if you can upload Megan in another computer, in version 7.0.55 '
    It's because I don't have Outdoor Living Stuff Pack and Generations...

  6. Dreads are a conversion by Savio here http://saviostuff.blogspot.com/2010/08/nouk-loose-dreads-both-genders.html
    And sorry but the only version of Megan is the one available for download :)

  7. OMG, Megan is perfect, your screenshot is perfect!
    Congrats! I love your creations and your sims.
    I love Evanescence too. *---*
    *Geez, I love everything. x)

  8. cant wait for new album great job on your Pic Love it !!

  9. waoh whats the real picture :D amazing

  10. OH YES!!! Evanescence is back,I LOVE AMY LEE!! But how cute are your sims, I wish they were available for download, they would be my new rock band... Good Job, and great sims!!!

  11. great ! I love Evanescence too ! this albuw was expected since 2010 and I began to despair.

  12. Awesome job Nubie! I'm excited for my favorite band's new album too! =D

  13. Where did u get Amy Lee's hairstyle? I've been tryin to find it everywhere for my Amy Lee sim O.O

  14. OMG Anubis awesome work and I too love Amy lee's angelic voice and have from the start, owning everything put out to date. you might also be interested in a Norwegian and Germanic band called "Leaves Eye's", this being my favorite band now, Liv Kristine has such an amazing voice it literally had me covered in goosebumps head to toe first time I heard her. It's now happens everytime I hear her still ;)
    I would love to see you create this amazing band.
    This is their brand new album:
    This is my favorite album:
    and this is their official site:

    hugs, Terry

  15. I love Evanescence, their new album is awesome! Your interpretation of their photo is so cool, it's a breathtaking picture and it looks so close to the original. It's amazing what can be done with a little custom content ;)

  16. Evanescence- The best :D they are my favourite band by miles :DD I love Amy Lees hairstyle ^_^

  17. I LOVE your Evanescence sims! Amy Lee is so awesome! I'm seriously addicted to their new album! :P

  18. i love evanescence!This looks so amazing:)

  19. I love how you made Terry so thin xD Its brilliant, maybe Terry's hair is a little ginger but that's my only flaw. Have you seen any of their concerts? I've been to two of their recent tour and they were magical. Met the band and Amy was so little :)


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