Rose Donate Hair 0080 ~ Converted for Teen-To-Elder

UPDATED! 12/30/11
This hair had the fat morph messed up, and it looked really bad when used in larger sims. Please re-download, delete old version and re-install the new one. Sorry for the inconveniences! :)

Hi! This was one of my favorite hairs in TS2, but I couldn't find a good version of it for TS3, so I decided to make my own! It's such a cute hairstyle, perfect to wear along summer/spring dresses :)
The mesh is kinda old, so it may not look as perfect as newer meshes, but it is still a great hair! ♥

~ This retexture works for teen, young adults, adult and elder female sims.
~ Two versions available: EA's highlights and Adjust-Shine highlights (you can have both at the same time)
~ This is a hair with accessories, it has one recolorable channels.
~ Both package and sims3pack formats available.
~ Polycount is good. Around 5000+ polys fot both HQ and LQ.
~ Compatible with morph states and breast slider.

Have fun! ^-^

PS: File has been Compressorized, let me know if it doesn't work! :)

(Open the pictures in a new window to enlarge)

~ Adjust-Shine Highlights ~

- I Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Itself.
- Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to Rose and to me.
- Original hair by Rose

Model credits: 
~ Skintones by Aikea / LemonLeaf / 234jiao / Ephemera / escand
~ Eyes by LemonLeaf / ImminentFate / -Shady- / TeruK
~ Lipsticks, blushes and eyeliner by LemonLeaf
~ Eyeshadows by LadyFrontbum
~ Eyebrows by daluved1 / Jessica_2020
~ Clothes by The Sims 3 Pets / The Sims 3 Outdoor Living /  The Store


  1. Thank You!
    My game will be more beautiful now :D

  2. These are Pets compatible, right?

  3. @BookyGirl14: All my stuff is compatible with Pets :)

  4. adorable!! i love it, especially on Amélie.

  5. Anubis, I like this hair...but there is a more serious topic that must be discussed. This has always been at the back of my mind, how comes you call yourself Anubis360? I'm soooooo curious. If you don't tell me...I am going to torture your models in my game O_O

  6. I used to play Age Of Mythology like crazy years ago, and I always picked the Egyptian culture. I loved Anubis and his creatures, they were fast, effective and cool! lol
    So that's why I picked Anubis, and 360 is a random thing because when I tried to register at MTS, Anubis was being used and I had to add something else :P

  7. Wait.. did you convert this yourself? You did know, that Rose had converted it by themselves, right? Well, you could've just retextured it. Thanks anyways! :D

  8. Very well...your models shall live xD

    sorry but I'm OCD about everything, I just had to know!

  9. Rose's version was a whole mess, full of transparency issues, had no morphs, moved like hell, so a retexture wasn't enough :)

  10. Yup, I totally agree with you on this.. Rose sometimes makes some pretty fucked up crap. :D

    /completely offtopic/ I remember on Facebook I saw, that you're going to do that Peggy's new hair (you know, the one you had problems with?) I hope I make sense, I was just wondering, are you still looking forward to retexture and fix it? Bevause from what I saw, apart the issues, it was pretty amazing, as all your stuff is. :D

  11. Hello, Anubis360! I'm a big fan of your stuff. I had a kind of silly question to ask you, and a sent you an email regarding it. Just a newbie asking a little help to a pro. If you happen to ever have time to take a look and choose to share your wisdom, thank you very much in advance. Also, thank you for your wonderful creations. (:

    A lost but grateful fan. (:

  12. AMAZING. Thank youu !

  13. Your blog has been my go to site for mods in my game, I even have it bookmarked, so I thought it would only be polite to comment and let you know how much I appreciate all your stuff! Thanks so much! :)

    ps, I'm also very curious to know why you call yourself anubius! It's a very interesting name.

  14. Thank you for this one, it's one of my favorites! I had the original but when I tried to change the headband my game crashed every time >.<

  15. this is wonderfull but is it free too? :)


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