Talent Seeking ~ Creators Wanted!

01/12/2012: No more vacants! The three creators have been choosen! :D
Anyway, we will be accepting more authors in the future, so you'll have another chance to be part of this new staff! ^-^


    Hi everybody! I'm gladly announcing that I'm looking for some new talent to work along with me in my blog! It is time to expand this site with more creations and more stuff. Are you interested? Please read the following instructions:

What you have to do:
    Send me three of your best creations to my email for me to test them, you can send items from the following list:

- Clothing items: that includes outfits, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, etc. for any age or gender. Your clothing has to match with EA's clothes wich means NO photoskinning (or use it sparingly), T rated (provocative yes, porn no), with categories properly setted and fully functional meshes (morph states, animations, good shapes and lightings, etc). I am NOT accepting simple stencils applied to a basic EA shirt, quality is really important!

- Hair retextures, conversions, fixes and why not original meshes: always including adjust-shine and EA's highlights, the textures can be yours or Pooklet's, be respectful with the the original's creator policies (like don't include meshes from XM Sims and donation hairs from Raonjena, NewSea, etc, more info will be sent if you get to be part of my site). If you are fixing/converting/creating a hair mesh, make sure you have done the morph states (if possible) and that it is breast-slider comaptible (if needed, of course), don't forget to properly animate your hair! (I can help with that if you are approved)

- Make up, beauty marks and facial hair: I've never created these, but as long as they are good quality and nicely detailed, I guess it'll be fine!

- Genetics (skins, eyes, etc): As stated before, never did those so make them nice and detailed! :)

- Sims: unique, pretty sims, with a nice back story and interesting personalities. You have to list every piece of CC used, from make-up to sliders, with the link to everything. Put the game version used and NEVER include a custom hair and non-default skins. The format has to be .sim, I don't accept .sims3packs when it comes to sims.

- Lots: well, not a field where I'm really skilled, all I can say: make a nice, cool and unique lot, and list all the CC used.

- Objects: not an expert either, just make sure they are fully functional and well done and textured!

- Custom Poses: nice, natural poses, if the body looks stiff or the sims have to contort in ways that are impossible to pose, then it'll be a no. Poses have to be compatible with the Pose List.

- I'm NOT accepting patterns or custom pets at the moment.

NOTE: Either package or sims3pack formats are fine, if using sims3pack you will have to include a package option once you upload!

About the pictures and presentation:
    Take pictures like if you were already uploading whatever you created, remember that downloaders have to desire what you're offering. Clear pictures, close ups to details, not over photoshopping, don't forget you are "selling" you stuff! (everything in this blog is free, but you get the idea :P)
You don't necessary have to copy my style of presentations, but it has to match. Pictures sizes with a limit of 1360px of width and 768px of height. I normally use 800x768px or 900x768px pictures.

- You have to have your own Google and Mediafire (or any other hoster) accounts.
- You can upload your creations anywhere else and have your own site too, you will not be an exclusive artist from this blog, you have free will :)
- Only prohibition is NO TSR. That means, NO to using TSR pay custom content or meshes, NO to working with TSR hairs, and NO to people who also upload to TSR. I simply want to avoid any problem with them, you can still use TSR Workshop though.

    There are only 3 vacants at the moment, I want to start adding creators so I can get used to, cause I'm new at managing all this. Of course if the three are taken and you have great stuff in your hands, I won't let you go anywhere! XD
Oh and I'll be very vey picky! So show me the best you've got!

In case of being rejected, don't give up! Keep practicing and improving your stuff, as I am going to give you some suggestions, advices and feedback.

In case of being accepted, I'll send you an invitation to become an author, and then you'll be able to write your own entries showcasing and uploading your stuff! You'll receive my help and I'll teach you anything you need to know, all my secrets and techniques to make the best CC! ^-^

My email is: anubisunderthesun@gmail.com

Good luck and explode the best of your creativeness! ♥


  1. Hey Anubis!
    Iv'e never created my own mods but I love making Sims, and I have all my CC organised in folders and I know the creators.
    But as you are only getting 3 people you will probably find Creators of CC :D
    But i'll still send you some pictures :)

  2. How exciting! You are by far my favorite creator and you have some of the best, most helpful, and supportive fans. I can't wait to see the talent you bring together here. Good luck everybody!

  3. Aw, I wish I could enter, but the only people I'm good at making are the really generic models, not different people like you :'/
    But good luck with your search Nubie! :)

  4. I dont want someone else wo texture hair on this blog, you are so good

    I like the idea, but I think that you should make the pictures of the other creations on your sims , what I liked on this blog that we saw beautifal sims of you , not of some one else :( , your sims ar so beautiful, I dont want to see other sims .

    A sad sad sad fan D;

  5. Have you tried emailing the girl who has this blog?shes really good.


    shes real nice too.

  6. ^ I agree with the upper Anonymous.
    Nubie+Candy Lover would be amazing. I adore Candy Lover's stuff, especially the jeans for females. They're soo skinny and adorable. <3 Lol, seriously, email her, Nubie! :p

  7. I'd be game, Anubis, but I doubt I would be good for your image. Drop me a line @ shyneinnocence@hotmail.com if you're interested :) I'll understand if you're not. And Candy Lover is a little busy, she may not be able to help you out.

  8. just try emailing candy lover. she's really great at makin cc. i love her. ^-^ candy+anubis are a awesome pairing

    1. Shyne already said she's busy, and if she want to join me, I'll accept her anytime :)

  9. Two great creators are already in! I cannot feel any happier! :D

  10. How exciting. I can't wait to see what your team comes up with.

    Good luck everyone!

  11. Oh Nubie! Just need to fet to the next morning to send you my uploads!

  12. It would be great to see if my creations are good enough for your blog (I'm experimenting with Store hair retextures at the moment). But unfortunately I don't have much time to create CC and I think you need people who update regularly with new creations.

    But I'm looking forward to the new creations!

  13. This sounds awesome! I'm very excited, I love coming here for really nice quality stuff. Good luck!

  14. Damn, I hope I'm not too late to enter.

  15. Good luck finding someone! :) I'm really excited to see what comes out of this. :D

  16. Congrats Anubis, Hope your new team works great together and create amazing things!!! I love how creator's are coming together! I would have auditioned but I know that I'm way to busy with work and school.

  17. Hey i love your creations...its just too bad i cant get in on anything =[ but like that first post i am only good with making sims =P ill b happy to show u a few pictures.

  18. When Ever your doing this again, alert me. I would love to put in my sim Violet :)


- Please read the descriptions and model credits before commenting.
- Do NOT ask for sims3pack versions if not available.
- Do NOT request for hairs/clothes.
- If you have any doubt about downloading and installing custom content, please read my Help section.

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