NewSea's Voyager Female Hairstyle ~ Retextured for all ages

Hi! I haven't retextured a NewSea hair since last year! And I think this one is pretty and unique (a little wide maybe), haven't seen a style like this before :)
I've also done some alpha edits in the bangs, I don't know, I like them to be full XD

~ This retexture works for all ages.
~ Hair mesh polycount: 10000+ polys for High Quality, 5000+ polys for Low Quality (high)
~ This hair comes in two versions: EA's highlights and Adjust-Shine Highlights. You can only have one version!
~ Only package format available, please do not ask for a sims3pack version of this hair.
~ MESH IS NOT INCLUDED! You can get it here.
~ Hair retextured with NewSea's permission.

Enjoy! ^-^

(Open the pictures in a new window to enlarge)

~ "Adjust-Shine" Highlights ~

- I Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Itself. 
- Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to NewSea and to me.
- Original hair by NewSea
- MESH IS NOT INCLUDED! You can get it here
- How to install? Extract the files into your Mods/Packages folder. If that doesn't work, please follow these instructions. 
- Would you like to have one file instead of two to use this retexture? Please, follow this easy tutorial.


Model credits: 
~ Skintones by Aikea / LemonLeaf / 234jiao / Ephemera
~ Eyes by LemonLeaf / -Shady- / TeruK
~ Lipsticks, blushes and eyeliner by LemonLeaf
~ Eyeshadows by LadyFrontbum
~ Eyebrows by daluved1 / Jessica_2020
~ Clothes by The Sims 3 Pets / Me /  The Store


  1. I Love this hair !!!!!
    Finaly you enter in Anubis Uder The Sun !!
    Bye, Luh

  2. I was waiting for this... thank you Nubie <3

  3. Your retextures are simply the best! Thank you :)

  4. There isn't a free mesh anywhere without a need for registration? :/

    1. yeah even if you register you still have to donate :( go to and scroll to the bottom and find

  5. Grrr...WANT =(
    Darnit being a donation mesh T_T
    Great work Anubis, lovely retexture =D

  6. Google ... This isnt on there atm, but it will be :)

  7. Thanks MissMikki! I'll just to be patient for now. ;)

  8. Hmm I was able to find the mesh without registering...

  9. to awwboo; How and where? Tell me please! ^-^

    1. Send me an email and I'll tell you. I don't want to get Anubis in trouble or anything.

  10. I'm wondering, how come sometimes you make a sims3pack version and sometimes you don't? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just asking :)
    Love you site!

    1. Because sometimes it is possible to do sims3packs, and sometimes it is not! :)

  11. where can i download the newseas verision for free? so i can use this lovely one<3

  12. Woah! Looks like Emma Stone's hair!


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- Do NOT ask for sims3pack versions if not available.
- Do NOT request for hairs/clothes.
- If you have any doubt about downloading and installing custom content, please read my Help section.

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