NIGHT WISH - Crop Top Dress

Hello everybody! So this is my first creation for The Sims 4! It's all new for me, so it might take some time until I can work as smooth as usual. Specially on the pictures I'm showing you, just a few this time because I'm still getting used to the game as well (I love the game, btw!), these pictures are in-game, not CAS pictures. And even if making presets means more work, now all dresses will be available for teens and up, so that's a lot less of work for me and much more clothes for you! :D

- Available for female teens, young adults, adults and elders.
- This dress is a recolor of a base game outfit, no mesh needed.
- 8 presets with thumbnails included, 4 with floral pattern and 4 solid colors, in separate files.

- You may recolor this outfit as long as you credit me.
- You may use it for your stories/sims/models, no credit needed.
- You may NOT claim it as your own or re-upload it, just link back here.

- Extract the files into My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods
- To extract compressed files use WinRAR or 7zip (yes, they are safe to install)

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