Peggy Hair 524 ~ Retextured for all ages

Hi! Finally a normal head-size hair by Peggy! XD It's pretty cute, I really like it. I changed the fringe a little because I didn't like the original.
The retexture works for all ages, #524 is adult and #523 is child/toddler.

Enjoy! ^-^

I Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Conversion or The Mesh Itself.
Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to Peggy and to me.
Original hair by Peggy
Child and Toddler


  1. perfect , the peggy texture is a little unreal

  2. As always, perfect!

  3. What a lovely hair! In love with it! *_*
    Great retext Nubie! :D

  4. Anubis Witam!
    Podziel się z sims z pierwszego zdjęcia? blond włosy. Przepraszam za mój angielski.

  5. It is very cute !! Thank you sooo much ^^

  6. Anubis, where did you get the contact lenses? They're gorgeous! *u*

  7. Contacts by LemonLeaf and Imminent Fate ^-^ (links at the sidebar)

  8. Another gorgeous hair.

  9. i LOVE the blonde model, is she up for download????

  10. I love most of your work its fab but I absolutely love the model in pic two, is she up for d/l?

  11. Thanks Nubie, I love each of your hair !
    I really love the pink hair of the model ! How can I have the same color ? (:

  12. Thanks Anubis!
    I really love this on my female sims <3

    Btw sorry for silly asking, but did you make this hair for male too? Since I'm going to make a male with long hair and find this matches the hair of the character that my sims tries to potray

    Thank you :)

  13. I'm very happy because I finally found your website. I really love this hair =)

  14. This hair is absolutley great! One question though, is the mesh included or do you have to download it seperately?

  15. So cute!!! EEEEK!!! Can't wait too use this in my game! :D


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