Rose Hair 85 ~ With patternable accessory

Hi! So after a long time testing this hair, I decided to upload it. I wasn't sure because it has some little flaws here and there, and I asked for help and none knows how to fix them, so I guess this is the best I can do :P
This hair is under hat hairs, for teens, YA's, adults and elders. The band is patternable. Sims3pack file available to download.
I'm not converting this for other ages, but feel free to convert this for children/toddlers if you want to :)

I Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Conversion or The Mesh Itself.
Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to Rose and to me.
 Feel free to retexture this hair!
Original hair by Rose
Package file

Sims3Pack file


  1. Thank you so much!

  2. omg, thank you so much for sims3pack! i love your hairs, but I couldn't use them, cuz I always have problems with package files.

  3. Hey Anubis! I was looking for make up and i saw the lipstick of your model sims. Where did you download the make up? It's so gorgeous!! Thanks for your attention! ;D

  4. Thank you so much for this! I'm always glad when I can replace hairs with your nice retextures. ♥

  5. Thanks everyone! ^-^
    @Anon: Lipsticks by LemonLeaf

  6. Where can you get the grey and white top in the last picture? I thought i saw it in the store but I can't find it. Does it come with an add on game?

  7. Thank you so much for fixing those issues!
    Those things were bugging me out! :D

  8. Loves ponytails! ♥

  9. Hello dear ! I'm french so ssorry for the bad english ! I found your blog two days ago and I've already download everything in here ! I want to know if you can upload for me the models you use in the screenshot with the palettes, where you show the hair colors. Your models are so cute and beautiful ! Wich skins you use ? I use ladyfrontbum skins. Keep up the good work you're made of awesomeness !!


    upload this sim!

  11. Hi Anubis! I really love the lips on these models, and I was wondering how you got them like that. Not the lipstick, but the lips themselves. Thank you!

  12. What skin do you use for your models?

  13. @Caitlin: lots of tweaking :)
    @Last Anon: I use Aikea/234 jiao skins :)

  14. I hope you will answer my last comment :) thank you !

  15. @Sara: Dear, I said what skins I use in the comment above yours. And I'm not uploading models at the moment. ^-^

  16. Thank you! Really nice.
    While I'm writing... I'm wondering where you downloaded the contacts?

  17. Wow yay a ponytail that I can get XD AND its sims3package yaaay! thanx so much


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