First Experience with Late Night!

I finally could install Late Night! I've been waiting for AM to be updated, I can't play without that mod XD
All I can say about this EP is: A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Really.
I took some random pics while playing:

Ouch! That must hurt! 

And I thought Vampires where hard to find! And during the day!

I'm in love with the elevator, my sims look gorgeous in there!

Megan tried to suborn the guard but she didn't make it :P

Maria chatting with the barman. She had some weird pointy boobs! XD

Cindy being harassed by a local celebrity. Yeah, you deserve something better, babe...

Aahh... I miss my storyteller days...


  1. I am jealous of the prettiness of your screenshots. =[ I play on my crummy laptop, so all my setting are low and it's still slow. Although I'm sure downloading most of your hair and stuff isn't helping with that. :P

    Do you like Bridgeport so far? =D

    (ps: the name/url thing is being a whore and won't let me NOT have a url. Haha. So since I don't have any other things on here, i'm being Anon. Whee! [<< nadzicle])

  2. Where did you get the first sim's hair? I am so jealous, it's so pretty! o:

  3. Hope you have enough time for playing too :)

  4. Blondy sim in the elevator looks gorgeous! Ah!

  5. Nubie, I'm an AM addict, too, but my game STILL doesn't start with its latest version :S (all EP's & SP's + fully patched) Are you using the test version, or the officially released one?

    LN though, is indeed terrrrrific! :) So are your captured moments on the screenshots ;) Keep having fun!

  6. I had to wait to play LN too. My motherboard decided to die the day after I got it, so I had to replace my motherboard, processor and RAM. I love it so far. I noticed that sims look gorgeous in the elevators, too. I don't know why, but I'm constantly taking pics of my sims in the elevator. You can also get some nice shots if you have your sim woohoo someone in the elevator. The way they walk over to the sim they're about to woohoo and pose is really cute. Plus, the way they walk afterwards is hilarious.

  7. @Anony
    Blondie's hair you can find here at Anubis Under the Sun.

    I found so many vampires out during the day my first time...

  8. Hey, great pictures! All your sims are stunning. I would really love it if you could upload the brown haired pony tail sim with the white blazer on as she is FIERCE looking. Thank u so much :)

  9. @nadzicle: Bridgeport it's really well constructed, I played just a few minutes, but I really liked it!
    @flowarin: I have so many exams this month, I won't be able to play for a long time :P
    @whitequeen: I have all the EP's, no SP's and the official version of AM. It works perfectly for me, you should go to MATY and see if someone can help you.
    @ShortyBoo: Haha! I have to try that! XD
    @kikidoodle: Yeah, and they weren't even burning or smoking :P
    @Mitchell: She's at MTS, but it's an "old version". You can change her eyes with Shady's, use LemonLeaf's blush and raise her jaw a little, and she will look pretty much like in the pics :)

  10. Thank you for the answer, I was just inquiring :) ( I still can't make it work, but whatever...)

    @ShortyBoo: I was rolling from laughter when I first saw THAT walk :))) My rockstar woohoo'ed with the girl next door, and she seemed to like it so much that she walked like that for like half a day XD

  11. Hi Anubis
    I loved this game, is the best of all, I like Bridgeport and the bridge has very good lighting, I have all your hair and I like all retextured, peggyzone textures and other pages I do not like that when I put a hair blond and pink color looks very bad.
    thanks for your retextured hairstyles.

  12. hi anubis! where can i get maria's hair?


    about this post, you can maybe make root/Tips 1 channel and add shine and highlights!

  14. Love this site!! In the elevator pic where is the hair for the girl with the auburn? I couldn't find it here??? Thanks!!!!

  15. Where can I find AM??


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