Peggy Hair 537 ~ Pooklet'd for both genders

Hi! This free hair is... cute. My retexture's shine has some mismatches because of the UV Map Peggy did, but it's not a big deal TBH. I've done some alpha edits, mainly in the back, it looked awful XD
I'm experimenting with the Halo texture to make my hairs naturally shiny. Please tell me if it's too much shine for your taste. This will looks like... "wet" in CAS, but in-game the hair looks like in the pics, shiny enough.
Files have been separated in "Female Only" (if you want it just for females), "Male Only" (if you want it just for males) and "Unisex" (if you want it for both genders).

Have fun! ^-^

PS: Please, try this hair in-game and let me know if you like the new shine. Tell me if it's good, bad or should be less shinier. Thank you! :D

I Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Conversion or The Mesh Itself.
Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to Peggy and to me.
Original hair by Peggy
Female Only

Male Only


Model credits: 
~ Lipsticks and blush by LemonLeaf
~ Eyeshadows by LadyFrontbum
~ Eyebrows by daluved1 / Jessica_2020


  1. Wow :O I love it! Just what my sims need. Oh and I have something to ask you, Anubis, would you mind telling us where the makeup and eyebrows for the models are from? I really like them :D


  2. It's perfect! Congratulations again! Your work is the better.

  3. @ first anon; look at the model credits.

  4. First time commenting, but I just love your retextures Anubis! They're almost the only ones I use ingame, thanks heaps for sharing them :D Just a personal preference but I do prefer your less shiny hairs more than this one. Not that it looks bad ingame, but just that I love your hairs because they are less shiny. I found it difficult to get as good depth of colour with the shine, especially with lighter tones. I took a random pic so you know how it looks - (looks good, just not what I like) But if there is one thing I know, you should make hairs however YOU want to not based on others opinions.

  5. Anubis,
    Are you going to pooklet Peggy's November Special Gift hair?

  6. @Feedback Anon: Thanks! I'll try to make a balance between this new brightness and the old one. And don't worry, I'm just trying to improve my work so it looks better, so I need your opinion ^-^

    @Peggy Anon: I'm not sure, it looks a little awful TBH :/

  7. Hey Anubis! Me again. :) I have a couple of requests, if you haven't already done them... Two Peggy hairs I thought were kinda cute. (Also, is it possible for you to zip the files instead of/as well as rar? For some reason the rar'd ones don't like to work for me. :( If not, that's okay. I'll still be a fan of yours regardless!)

    LOVE YOU!!! <3

  8. The shine in game is just fine. Not too much, but if all my cc hair was shiny I think I would throw my laptop out the window. I can't believe Peggy gets paid to make that shit.
    Anyways, Nubie, you are da bomb for separating the hair into male and female files. I hope that becomes a habit with you. :)

  9. As always, such beautiful work, Anubis! I've been coming here almost every day since I found this site several months ago, and I've never been disappointed. Even if I don't download every single hair you do (and I don't, just so that I don't completely overwhelm my laptop), I'm still impressed by your talent.

    And I wanted to tell you, your ginger model looks so much like Jayma Mays (Emma Pillsbury on the TV show "Glee") it's uncanny. XD

  10. I spend most of my time in CAS, and didn't much like how oddly shiny the hair was. It almost looked as if the sim had just taken a shower.

    I still love you though :P

  11. Hi Anubis!

    I really love your work - my game is full of so many of your hairs. I was just wondering if you could retexture: (Number 24) (Number 3)

    If not, that's alright. I'll always love your hairs regardless.

    And by the way, I think this hair is a bit too shiny. I like your original shine better.

  12. Hello Anubis,

    I have a request. I found a hair on MS3B a while back. The textures are terribad and doesnt properly use the channels.

    I was wondering if you could retexture this hair or at least fix it. I have tried to do this in the past but failed at doing this.

    The link for downloading is:

    The hair file is hairfangrose (two listed, forgot which is which)



  13. Do you think you could convert this peggy hair for MALE usage? I've searched since Summer trying to find someone who had done it.... I just fail at working with anything Peggy does :-(

  14. I have to say I quite like the new shine.

    And thankyou for this and all of your other creations.
    Mercy x.


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