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Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that you can find me in facebook too. I will put pictures of sims, upcoming items, backstages, "making of" and much more surprises!

Happy Simming! ^-^

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  1. Question that makes me feel like a loser. What is polycount? I know if its to high its bad for your computer but really what is it. And can i somehow lower it for stuff i really want but dont want to risk my computers saftey?

  2. Oh and what do you mean when you say HQ or LQ

  3. Let's say the polycount is the detail a 3D mesh has (hairs, accessories, objects, etc) When higher it is, more resources will the game use to render it, so it will slow down your PC (depending directly on your specs) and even in extreme cases, if many high-polycount meshes are used at the same time, they can damage your hardware. That's why the best is to use just a few high poly meshes at the same time, the quantity depends on your computer resources.

    -HQ is the Highest Level of Detail (LOD0), the game uses it only if your sim details settings are in Very High. It should have the highest polycount available for that item.
    -LQ is the Low Level of Detail (LOD1), the game uses it for your sim's picture, when you zoom out and when your sim detail setting is lower than Very High. This way your game saves resources. Most of the time it has half of the polycount of the LOD0, but not every creator does the LOD1 (like Peggy, for example).

  4. what contacts do you use on megan and celesete? can you give a link?

    and facebook is great


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