Hikari Tanaka ~ Version 2.0

Hi! Hikari has changed a lot since October's last year, and many of you were requesting for this new version, so here she is for all her fans!

(Click the pictures to enlarge)

Hikari Tanaka // タナカ ヒカリ

Hikari is 22 years old and lives in Bridgeport. She's shy and it's hard for her to meet new people. But those who take the time to know, will find a wonderful friend. Hikari has a has an exceptional mind when it comes to art, but she distracts very easily and forgets everything in seconds. She loves the kawaii culture, having a collection of 4597 pins from different characters, such as Hello Kitty, Miku Hatsune, Pikachu and others.

Traits List:

CC List:
- Skin by LemonLeaf (European version B2.0)
- Hair by Me
- Eyes by LemonLeaf
- Eyeshadow by LadyFrontbum (Romance)
- Blush by LemonLeaf
- Eyebrows by daluved1 (perfect)
- Lipstick by LemonLeaf
- Top from The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Pack
- Skirt and boots from The Sims 3 Late Night


- This sim has been packaged with EA default skin and hair.
- Built with game version 7.0.55 (BaseGame+WorldAdventures+Ambitions+Late Night+Outdoor Living)
- To install: Extract the .sim file into your "My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims" folder. 
- This sim should be compatible with all the versions of the game, if not, please let me know.
- I am NOT going to upload a .sims3pack file, because the CC used would stick with the sim and cause issues.


~ Some of Hikari's favorite songs: ~


  1. Yay! I love Miku!

  2. BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hikari is EMMENCE!!! Thanks!!! One question: How do you take such detailed in-game pictures?

  4. @Cutepeach: I have this mod installed, so I can take closer pics http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=388734

  5. She so adorable :) Thank you Nubie <3

  6. ♥♥♥ Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks , OH MY GOSH !
    Now we can have this adorable cute girl in our game , you is the best for ever Nubie ♥♥♥

  7. Hikari is very cute! I love your sims. You are a very talented creator too!

    I love her!! :)

  8. I love her! She is cute!

  9. Hikari!!! She is so cuuuuut!!! KAVAIIII!!!!!!!! =^__^=

  10. @HarukoMitsu: I love your poses, they're soo cute *-*

  11. Preciosidad de sims..
    Genial trabajo anubis!!

  12. Hikari has been always my favorite model. She has a sweet baby face and makes the cutest expresions. Thanks for sharing her with us!

    Just a question though, what hair does she have in your avatar? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  13. @audreyludlow: she's using a hair by NewSea, I retextured it but didn't upload, yet.

  14. Hey, Anubis!I don't have Outdoor Living pack, can I download Hikari?

    Sorry my terrible english! Hope you understand!

  15. @Wallace sparks: I guess you can if you have the latest patch (the one before Generation's new patch) You're english is perfect for me! :)

  16. She is so cute!

    I hope you'll upload some of your other models!

    I <3 them all!

  17. That's so cute! How did you get to make her do the expression on the first pic on the center??

  18. She reminds me a whole lot of Bella Thorne. Now if only you had a model that looked like Zendaya. lol

  19. I just can't get her right. I also can't figure out how to download from Lemonleaf's site. So sad because I love the way she looks!

  20. Hi Anubis! I want to use Hikari in my game, but I can't get the lemonleaf download =( I used bablefish to translate the Chinese site that hosts the download, but it wouldn't let me register! I didn't get an error message or anything, and I even translated my username into Chinese...how do I download the skin? I can't be the only one with this problem, can I? >_< Please help!

  21. Lemonleaf's stuff is a bit unaccessible at the moment. I think all the download links were moved to some gamer forum called GamerSir. I could help you out though. =D

  22. I found something what might useful for downloading Lemonleaf's stuff. I hope that it will help some people get beautiful Hikari <3


  23. Im pretty mad at Lemonleaf, he moved almost all of his stuff to GameSir, wich i cant find a way to register! Sorry for my bad english, love all your work Nubbie!

  24. I can't download half of the stuff she is supposed to have. I thought she would have everything except her hair and skin, but she has no makeup, no eyes and when I go to down load the other stuff its all in Chinese... >.<

  25. I love her so much~!! She's so cute and adorable!!!!
    Thanks a lot for sharing her! =DD

    In my game she looks like this: http://rubynasanguina.livejournal.com/1769.html

  26. Nubie, Iknow you posted Hikari along time ago, but, I have a question... How do I download the CC that she needs to look like in the pictures? I dont speak chinese!

    1. Try S-Club, I think all her CC is also there as LemonLeaf is there too :)

  27. I think she kinda looks like Bella Thorne


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- Do NOT ask for sims3pack versions if not available.
- Do NOT request for hairs/clothes.
- If you have any doubt about downloading and installing custom content, please read my Help section.

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