Elizabeth James ~ The Large Beauty

To celebrate the 2000 fans on my Facebook page, I give you one of my newest models! 

I hope you like her! ^-^

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Elizabeth James

Elizabeth is 25 years old, she was born in Appaloosa Plains. She works as a model for a one of the most important models agency in SimCity, doing make-up, beauty and hair products, and clothes advertisings. She's very feminine and talkative, she has a big heart and falls in love very easily! 
Her dream is to become a musical star, Elizabeth has an amazing voice and can play many different instruments.

Traits List:

CC List:
- Lipstick by LemonfLeaf
- Eyeshadow by Lady Frontbum
- Blush by LemonLeaf
- Eyebrows by daluved1(Smooth)
- Eyeliner by LemonLeaf
- Skin by Ephemera
- Hair by me (Nouk)
- Eyes by Ephemera
- Dress from The Store
- Shoes from The Store
- Chin cleft slider by TumTum


- This sim has been packaged with EA default skin and hair.

- Built with game version 8.0.152 (BaseGame+WorldAdventures+Ambitions+Late Night+Outdoor Living+Generations)

- To install: Extract the .sim file into your "My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims" folder.

- This sim should be compatible with all the versions of the game, if not, please let me know.

- I am NOT going to upload a .sims3pack file, because the CC used would stick with the sim and cause issues.

- Make sure you have a file named "downloadedsims.index" in your SavedSims folder. If you don't,  create it going to CAS and saving a sim to the bin. 



~ One of Elizabeth's favorite songs ~


  1. She is so pretty. ♥

  2. she looks like Adele, soo pretty :)

  3. She reminds me of Adele, when it showed her favourite song it made me giggle - she's gorgeous.

  4. she is such a beautiful sim! thank you so much nubie! :D

  5. 2K fans??Big Congrats!!!:D
    (Oh,and the sim is absolutely gorgeous ;)♥ )

  6. Loving her i was always wanting a large girl in my crew...LOL

  7. Ahh! I love this.
    It also happens to be my favorite songs by her! ;)

  8. Hey I'm wondering if you can help me out here...I love this sim and downloaded her + the custom content. But the eyes by Ephemera totally messed my sims! They now have this odd gray cast to their skintones, which is especially noticable in CAS. I think I even see it a bit in Elizabeth's face tone. Any ideas how to fix this? Or will I have to reinstall?

  9. change their skin then their hair and that usually does it xx

  10. She kinda reminds me of Adele :D

  11. I thought she's Adele~! WOW XD

  12. How can I get the ephemera's contacts? The link goes to sim cave which is down....Thanks.

  13. How can I get the original hair for this model? Thanks!!!

    1. What do you mean by original? The links are there! :)

  14. How can i download Elizabeth's current dress?

    I like using your creations. Thank you. :)

    1. Thanks! That dress is from The Sims 3 Diesel :)

  15. Thanks for responding..

    See ya :)

  16. God I am so surprised ! She really looks like Adele and I swear I didn't see the video on the bottom. Awesome !


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- Do NOT ask for sims3pack versions if not available.
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