About Peggy hairs not showing up since patch 1.26

Hi! It's me making an announcement again XD
Many, many of you have told me that child and toddler versions of Peggy hairs don't work anymore since the patch 1.26 came out. Well, I have no idea why does this happen, those hairs don't work for me either, and I don't know if it's fixable or not, at least now there's nothing I can do since I totally ignore the reason why those hairs no longer appear in CAS. All I can say, just delete them from your Mods/Packages folder, because there are a plain waste of space and resources right now. I merely retextured those hairs, I don't support them and I'm not responsible of this kind of malfunction, that's something Peggy should do and work on.

TL;DR: I know some Peggy hairs don't work, but there's nothing I can do about it. Just delete them till we found a solution! (if we ever find one) 

Hope you understand! ^-^



  1. I posted on your Facebook wall eariler. I understand and its ok. I love your hairs and retextures so keep being awesome and hopefully peggy will fix them if she can

  2. I wonder if you would work:


  3. For me your Newsea hair textures aren't working. It used to before the 1.26 patch, but now only Newsea's version comes out. :(

  4. I don't want to confuse anything but, I have the most recent patch and one peggy hair for child, and it does show up in my game. It is ID: #000443.

  5. @NewSea Anon: Those retextures work perfectly fine for me! http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/4392/screenshotxd.jpg

    @Last Anon: Well, I don't know if all of her hairs are borked, but sadly, the majority are :/

  6. Is it only child and toddler hair?

  7. That's strange...I'll try to put them into my game again. *-* Thanks for your reply!

  8. @Last Anon: Putting them back won't change anything if the coding isn't changed. The question was ask at NRaas Industries, and here a paste of what was discovered:

    Well after doing some research on this matter I have concluded that those OLD hairstyles are going to have to be redone. After looking at the structure of those files in S3PE and determining a difference between one her newest hairstyles for pets and one of her older ones from before pets, there is a HUGE coding difference. I'm unsure if maybe she is using a new set of tools to change her style of hair creations or what, but I can tell you the new style is much easier to use than the old way she was making them. But there is a HUGE difference in the code when comparing old to new.

  9. Oups, you guys were talking about Newsea's hair, my mistake, sorry!

  10. You can get all your package file cc working again by using this tutorial. I used it and followed it step by step and all my cc has been working for the past few weeks. Hope it helps!

  11. Yes...I was talking about Newsea...thanks for trying to help though. Haha. XD

  12. So only child and toddler hairs don't show up in-game?


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