New layout + catalog on the making!

Hey guys! I have changed the banners and the background. Also, I'm making a catalog of all my creations on my blog, it's not nearly finished, but you can see how it goes here.

Have a nice day! ^-^

~ Nubie


  1. This is awesome nubie, so convenient for your blog with so many creations. Looking through, theres so much hair that I never knew you made

  2. I can't wait for the catalog! It's very elegant.
    You should catagorize it by polys, if that's ok.
    I can't wait to see it.

  3. I love the model on the top ♥ Very elegant :)

  4. What hair does Cindy have in the new banner?

  5. hi, i was at tsr when i saw a picture of a sim who looks just like megan. ( she is not downloadble, but the person who uploaded the pic claim that he/she made her) so i am sending you the link:

  6. Where did you get the pattern on Hikari's dress in the new banner?

    1. I don't have the link now, but I'm going put it with the dress upload so everyone can use it ^-^ (pattern is not mine, I can't remember the creator's name XD)

  7. I guess I'm totally in love with all your works... :) And I'm going to become crazy searching for a perfect hair for man! If you like my idea, and you've free time, please take a look <3 I would be the happiest girl in the world if you try to do a hair like this in .sims3pack <3

  8. I want that sim with brown, long, curly hair and stripy dress(chic boulevard)!!! can you upload her? please?

  9. The catalog seems to be coming along nicely :) One question: the adorable ginger that is used in the hair pics- is she available for download anywhere?

  10. Hi Nubie! First I would like to say I love your creations. Second, can I ask the model that you used a long time ago, the blonde one that you used for the catalog pic of Peggy 0355? Finally, did you know that this website called "Downs Sims 3" is stealing your creations and claiming them as their own? They are doing that with other creators too, like Justin from Prada Sims.

  11. are you going to upload the dress with the kiss or is just for you? and THANK YOU SO MUCH i was waiting you retexture this hair, sorry or my bad english i speak german :)


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