Peggy Hair 881 ~ Retextured and Fixed for Teen-to-Elder

Hi! Long time no see! I haven't had internet for the last two weeks, so I'm like really late! XD
Anyway, here's another retexture/fix of an amazing Peggy hair :)

 ~ This retexture works for teen, young adults, adult and elder female sims.
~ Two versions available: EA's highlights and Adjust-Shine highlights (you can have both at the same time)
~ Both package and sims3pack formats available.
~ Polycount is high. Around 11000+ polys fot both HQ and LQ.
~ Breast slider compatible. Morph states not supported due high polycount.

 Enjoy! ^-^

(Open the pictures in a new window to enlarge)

- I Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Itself.
- Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to Peggy and to me.
- Original hair by Peggy

Model credits: 
~ Skintones by therewasnothingleft / LemonLeaf / 234jiao / Ephemera
~ Eyes by LemonLeaf / -Shady- / TeruK
~ Lipsticks, blushes and eyeliner by LemonLeaf
~ Eyeshadows by LadyFrontbum
~ Eyebrows by daluved1 / Jessica_2020
~ Clothes by The Sims 3 Showtime / The Sims 3 Pets / The Store / Me


  1. Yay! First comment! AWESOME HAIR!

  2. Спасибо, Anubis, очень полезно!!! :))

  3. Echt super haar weer! Ik was helemaal blij dat er weer nieuw haar was, haha. Volgensmij heb ik bijna al je spullen bij de sims.. Haha. c:

  4. Replies
    1. Um, I just made the pictures and put them to each others side XD

  5. i make a comment for this post on the catalog hahaha sorry for teh spam, are you going to upload the dress with the kiss or is just for you? and thank you so much for this retexture i was waiting you to retexture this, sorry for my bad english, i speak german, kiss and hugs :)

    1. Dress already at ModTheSims :)

    2. is for teens too?

    3. All the information about that dress is on its post, read it please ^-^

  6. I recently found your blog(although I've seen your name around before). Now my Sims are much prettier :P Keep up the good work! :)

  7. How do i download these things to my sims? I need help plz.

    1. There's a help section in this blog, please read it if you are lost ^-^

  8. I was away a long time (the game wouldn't let me play - silly DEP error), but now I'm back and I'm soooo glad to see my favorite creator is still creating! (Holy run-on sentence, batman!) Thank you Anubis! You are awesome.

  9. this hair like taylor swift... especially cindy on this hair really look like taylor swift :3

  10. Nubie,your creations are perfect...we love you...<3 big Love from Azerbaijan...<3 ~ Sabina


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- Do NOT ask for sims3pack versions if not available.
- Do NOT request for hairs/clothes.
- If you have any doubt about downloading and installing custom content, please read my Help section.

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