Sunday Morning ~ Bun hairstyle + bow accessory

Hi! This hair was made out of Showtime's genie hair. I took a lot of work to make it work as I wanted, changing the uv map, separating parts of the mesh, adding more meshed details, etc., but it all was worth it! I also made a different version with a bow in the back. I hope you like it! :D

~ This hair works for teen, young adult, adult and elder female sims.
~ Two versions available: EA's highlights and Adjust-Shine highlights (you can have both at the same time)
~ Two versions available: One with bow and one without (you can have all installed at the same time)
~ Both package and sims3pack formats available.
~ Polycount is low. Around 3600+ polys fot both HQ and LQ
~ Morph states compatible
~ Breast slider compatibility not needed.
~ Accessory has one recolorable channel.

Have fun! ^-^

(Open the pictures in a new window to enlarge)

If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.
Please, don't redistribute. Don't re use my meshes or textures without permission.

With bow


Without bow

Model credits: 
~ Skintones by therewasnothingleft / LemonLeaf / 234jiao / Ephemera
~ Eyes by LemonLeaf / -Shady- / TeruK
~ Lipsticks, blushes and eyeliner by LemonLeaf
~ Eyeshadows by LadyFrontbum
~ Eyebrows by daluved1 / Jessica_2020
~ Clothes by The Sims 3 Showtime / The Sims 3 Diesel / Juliana / Me


  1. It's amazing :D Thank you very much :)

  2. This is are so talented...i love all your work and it helps me make my beautiful sims.

  3. Oh wow I love it! Best normal bun hairstyle I've seen yet, I'll be using this one a lot ^_^ Thank yow!

  4. Love it, thank you very much! ^.^
    But uhhm, The sixth picture, I see a Minnie Mouse shirt, where did you download it? Please can you post it?

  5. Yes! I've been looking for a hair like this! I wear my hair in a bun like that with the bow underneath it. Perfect for my Charlavail Sim...

  6. Thank you so much for this lovely hair and all the other beautiful things you make! (Did you mean 3600 poly?)

  7. Yay, this is just what my sim ladies needs - thank you! :D

  8. I LOVE this so much! I ve always wanted something like this :) Thank you, thank you, thank you ^^

  9. Its awesome :) I love you retextures...your are the God of Retextures <3

  10. You could put the whole Simke download?
    It has beautiful facial features. :)

  11. very pretty thank you for your awesome stuff :)

  12. You are an awesome person * - * This hair is fantastic!!!


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