About Sims3Packs!

Hi! I've seen that many of you ask me to make sims3pack versions out of stuff that is only in package. Please let me tell you that:

What it is in package format,
cannot be converted in sims3pack format. 
Please, stop asking for it, 
because I can't do such thing.
I will always offer sims3pack when possible,
don't worry! :)

And if you still want to install package files, I have a Help & FAQ section. Please follow the instructions there! ^-^


  1. No entiendo porque alguien va a querer usar sims3pack, es muchisimo mas facil y rapido instalar .package...

  2. Personally, I hate using sims3packs, it's such a pain to install. I prefer package files any day, they're easier to back up and replace if I ever need to reinstall my entire game.

  3. Please don't stop with the sims3pack (I know you said you won't but these previous comments made me afraid), I don't mind installing some packages but they make my game really slow =/

  4. Package formats are easier to install, but they make game so slow! I download sims3pack only, so it's cool that you make some of your stuff in sims3pack too :)

  5. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=473766

    Actually it can.

    1. But that tool is like a "beta" version and I can't risk to damage any people's game. And what people want me to convert to sims3pack is old stuff, and it may not work.

  6. Carol and Ugne, it's so easy to fix package lag in your game that it shouldn't be a reason for you not to use them. All you have to do is combine tbe files into a few larger packages. Google that, there are a couple very clear tutorials.

    Honestly, i don't know why people want sims3packs. The launcher is a piece of crap and installing files through it takes so long. Plus it's harder to remove files you don't want.

  7. I always merge my packages, but to me this is the "piece of crap" I really prefer waiting a few seconds in the launcher...
    It's even better to exclude some items from the game.
    But don't get me wrong, I don't want to argue with anyone, I just don't see a reason in stopping the sims3packs when we can have both.

  8. For the record, I never said I would stop doing sims3packs, don't put words on me that I did not say :)

  9. To say packages cannot be converted into sims3pack format is just incorrect. It is very possible, and works like a charm if you know what you're doing. People don't need you to do it, they can do it for themselves if they want to go through the hassle of learning the program.

  10. I enjoy the sims3packs much more because I cant install package files.

  11. I'm glad that you are one of the creators who still use package files Anubis, because I combine my hairs to make them smaller, meaning I remove the thumbnail, and any other junk files I can. It's easier for us who likes to install alot of CC, to just add package files using SP3E. If people don't know how to use Package files, I'm not really understanding why they are even trying to use CC. As for Simpacks making your game faster, that's a load of crock. The launcher is so wonky, you can add stuff to your game and it will go missing all of sudden. It will still show up as installed, but you won't beable to find it in your game.


- Please read the descriptions and model credits before commenting.
- Do NOT ask for sims3pack versions if not available.
- Do NOT request for hairs/clothes.
- If you have any doubt about downloading and installing custom content, please read my Help section.

Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

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