Back to the 80's!

I was testing the new Store rock set  in my game, and I was so bored that I made this xD 
I love the 80's, their clothes were so weird and cool at the same time! lol


  1. Thanks! This makes me really want the ripped up shirt!

  2. Looks great :D, i was young back 80´s and i remember all that...especially the ripped, broken jeans. They had to be as broken as possible lol.. that photo is great!

  3. a lot of the 80s fashion went into the 90s

    gosh you make me feel old and i am only 24, damn teenager! lol

  4. can you tell me where i can find those jeans ?

  5. @Rita and Lola Mir: At the Store :)

  6. thanks , i can find

  7. What is really great is that fanmade stuff is far more realistic than any "official " clothes by EA. You can see it again in this very well done 80's set ( those ripped jeans were very expensive as well, it was really design clothes ,lol ) .

    Those are the days of Duran Duran ( for those wanting to listen to music of that era and see clothing style it wouldn't be bad to lookup the reflex on youtube and watch that music video ) .

  8. They Look Awesome , Nice job !!! <3


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