Peggy Hair 515 ~ Pooklet'd for all ages

Hi! New Peggy's, new retexture :) I like this one, really! It's big, but aren't we used to that kind of hair coming from Peggy yet? XD
The retexture works for all ages, adult version is #515 and child/toddler version is #514. All the files have been disabled for random. (Peggy enabled this for naked, wohoo!)

Have fun! ^-^

I Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Conversion or The Mesh Itself.
Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to Peggy and to me.
Original hair by Peggy
Child and Toddler


  1. Cute! I like it a lot better with your magic touch.

  2. Wow! That was quick.... Thank you, Nubie! ♥

  3. Peggy and her huge hair syndrom!
    btw, I send her that fax! Ha-ha.
    No response, yet.

    Retext looks gorgeous Nubie! Thanks.Thanks! :D

  4. Oh dear. How unhealthy that hair must be with all of the backcombing and hairspray. I was loving the couple of slightly normal hairs Peggy was releasing.


    Well, Sims don't have to deal with that so I'm dowloading. The texture is gorgeous!

  5. It looks really great!
    What you mean with that it's disabled for random? 'This hair can't be chosen on the random thing at CAS?

  6. I believe it means that random townies and sims you aren't playing won't be spawned with it. If it were enabled, sims would randomly have it in town; and if it's high poly it could slow your game down bunches.

    Great job on the hair by the way :)

  7. @Anon: exactly what Rockermonkey said :)

  8. Regarding the "disabled for random" thing - do you know how I could do that to other hairs or clothes (is there an option in the game or anything)?

    Because sims that I don't play with keep having crazy hairstyles that I don't want to see around town, and it really buggs me.


  9. I have the urge to make a 90210 family.

  10. The texture is gorgeous!
    Plese give it 2 me ;)

  11. Love your work! Thanks so very Much! I'm not anonomus, its not working to sign in -ElderGamer1

  12. gosh, i have to admit, I hate that hair with all my soul, but your retexture made it look quite decent.

    *sigh* what would the simming community be without you i wonder ?

  13. Hi!

    Lovely hair, I hope it looks good on my sims!

    I have a request. I couldn't find a topic where we can leave requests, so I hope you don't mind I put it in here. It is this hair that I really adore:
    I don't know if it is allready on your site. I have looked for it, but I couldn't find it. Thank you in advance and keep on doing the good work!

  14. Hi
    Anubis where can I find your retexture hairs ? :) PLESE I HATE ORYGINAL TEXTURE FROM NEW SEA OR PEGGY ;(

  15. Your ALL hairs ... PLEASE

  16. or only replacement texture :)

  17. I don't understand what you tried to said, but anyway... here I go XD :
    - you don't need the original mesh
    - all my hairs are... um... here in my blog (and some at MTS)
    - I don't take requests
    - I don't work with NewSea hairs.

    Thanks for visiting! ^-^

  18. Hola Anubis, se que has dicho que no haces requests, asi que me da un poco de rabia pedirtelo, pero al menos lo intente... A veces has comentado que miras hairstyles que fueron ya puestos hace tiempo, asi que queria dirigir tu atención hacia este

    Es un estilo muy elegante, sencillo y encima no es de pago, pero la textura es horrorosa, no importa cuan claro ponga el color de cabello, siempre sale oscurisimo.

    Supongo que ignorarás el mensaje ya que en cierto sentido si que es un request xD pero por intentarlo que no quede. Tengo en mi carpeta de packages prácticamente todo lo que has colgado en tu blog, y ese cabello es una espinita que tengo clavada porque realmente me gusta mucho

    Un saludo, enhorabuena por tu gran trabajo

  19. Anubis, I didn't know where else to comment, but can you PLEASE retexture this hair?

  20. Hello Anubis,

    at first: Please excuse me, my English isn't very good. :D

    I wanted to say that I really love all your hairs for sims (or the conversions you do) and that you do excellent work, the hairs work perfect in my game and they look awesome. :)

    Then I have a "special" request:
    I like two of your sim-models very much and I would love it to have them (or one of them) in my game (maybe as wife for my sim xD): in this post the one with green eyes and black hair and in the post with the hair colours the right blonde model (with "gold" and "sunny" hair).
    So, if you could share them, that would be very great.

    Oh, what a horrible post with terrible English, sorry everyone... :(

  21. I love these Hairs thanks so much ! But what I would really like is those models ! They are so pretty ! Would you mind uploading them for us to download?


  22. Nubie please do something with that hair :) I love your texture ..

  23. Where can i put the package files in The Sims 3? Because I put the file in My Documents/Eletronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Package, but they don't went in the game. Help me, please? Thank you. :)

  24. Did you place the Resource.cfg file in Mods folder? (NOT in Packages folder)

  25. Nubie i know you said you dont take requests but there is a store hair thats bugging me as it shows you hair colours and non-EA base hair colours really weird i would love it if you could retexture it for me My game is full of your conversion i love it :) - Rhiannon

  26. The file didn't come with Resource.cfg like i saw in some videos. So, does it interfere in the file on game? Because i think that's the problem. Thank you again. :)

  27. Hey Anubis,great hair!I really like it! :D Is it possible that something's wrong with the mesh because it crashes my game when I play with a sim which has it(not in CAS)?This only happened before when some Rose hairs were broken but she updated them and they now work fine.I'm only giving this as an example because I don't think the game crashed because a HQ poly count. I hope you can see something and make this hair work for me! :S

  28. @Flajko: I don't know what could be the problem, it works for me and nobody else seems to have issues with it :/

  29. Now when you mentioned that no one else had issues with it I had to try again and I really don't know why, it worked!Now I'm happy! :D Thanks again for this magnificent hair! :)

  30. I LOVE it, but I feel like it should be longer. I'll try in game and see if that makes a difference to me


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