Peggy Hairs 58, 59 and 282 ~ Retextured

Hi! I was looking for another hair at the Cave, and I saw this. I think it's really cute and simple, something I would actually use in my game, so I decided to give it a chance! I've done a little alpha edit in the bangs because they looked kinda icky. xP

PS: I think there is not a Child/Toddler version of this hair with the flower. Let me know if it exists ;)

Have fun! ^-^

I Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Conversion or The Mesh Itself.
Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to Peggy and to me.
Original hair by Peggy
Hair 58 (Adult - No Flower)
Hair 59 (Adult - With Flower)
Hair 282 (Child and Toddler)


  1. Beautifull Anubis. It is adorable.Now,can you take requests??? Plase plese Anubis

  2. I'm not taking requests at the moment. :)

  3. Loved it Nuby! Specially on toddlers! :D

  4. Cool. I've had this one for awhile so it's nice to have the retexture. Thanks.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Very much a shame that there isn't a flower version for child/toddler. That would be much too cute for words.
    If I may ask.. the blue eyed brunette in the second picture... is she yours? She is very lovely. If she is yours... might I per chance be able to nab her from you? I'm not too confidant I could recreate something that lovely. I think I might even have the CC I see there... not sure on the lipstick.

  6. loveeee this retexure, by the way where did you get the childs lipgloss?

  7. May I Ask, What Is The PolyCount For This? My Machine Is A Bit Rubbish And I Want To Be Safe.

  8. amazing! I love your work!!

  9. OMG... I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS HAIR! Since i have seen it on several other modles in different websites... THANK YOU!

  10. I... I... I'm speechless...

    So pretty...

    Just... let me love you, okay?


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