Fierce Angel ~ Tight Party Dress, Teen-to-Adult

Hi! I was going to upload this at MTS, but I decided to upload here instead :)
This dress is perfect for a party! And I'd love to see your girls wearing it in a club from Late Night :D
One  channel, everyday and formal, teens, YA's and adults.

Have fun! ^-^

If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.
Please, don't redistribute. Don't re use my mesh or texture without permission.



  1. This is great Nubie :D

  2. What happened to the little sweater thingie-ma-bob? D:

  3. Hooray for clubwear! I've been searching for something like this for weeks. Great job, Anubis!

  4. @Robo: It didn't look as good as I wanted, and I gave up XP

  5. Wow. This looks amazing! I love when you make clothes! I think you should make alot of clothes!

  6. You're way too picky! The thiny-ma-bob was really cute! I hope you consider releasing it anyway :(

    And please what is the thingy-ma-bob called! I honestly have no clue 0_0

  7. First hair, last picture?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I hope that is released, I will give you 6 billion virtual hugs as I hate new seas textures (but their meses are sometimes decent.)

    I will seriously give you 16 virtual hugs.
    and a cookie.

  8. I too would love to have a copy of that hair :)

    This dress is lovely. I always enjoy your clothes. Thank you.

  9. MORE CLOTHES! This is awesome! And whatever everyone is talking about releasing, I saw go for it! Everyone loves your work!

  10. Does anybody have a direct link to the pearl necklace? Where ever it's from, their site is so SLOW to load on my computer that I can't stand browsing their site.

    Thanks for dress!!

  11. Here ya go

  12. Esta muy bonito el vestido! Me gustaria que hicieras ropa y mas retextura de peinados para hombres! Muchas gracias Anubis!

  13. The first hair last picture is by newsea it is subscriber only though :( and I can't find it on PMBD booty

    Here's the link to the subscriber version :

  14. Wow, this is the best dress for sims3 I've ever seen!! Thank you Nubie! :)

  15. LOVE how they look like pleather/rubbery :DD

  16. Очень красиво. И качественно! ^____^

  17. These are SO great! Thank you so much for making them! And I REALLY LOve those necklaces your Sims are wearing! Could you possibly link to where you got the heart pendant necklace and the silver and rose colored necklace the first model with the wavy blond bob is wearing, please? I just LOVE them and MUST have them for my game! I would really appreciate it if you could. :D
    Either way you are extremely talented and thank you for all you do and create and share with us all. You're amazing.

  18. Would anyone happen to know what hair is in the last picture, farthest on the right?

  19. Hi! I usually visite your website and others. AlalaSims is a site about sims too, i make clothes for the sims 3, and i dont make meshs/texture i can use your mesh? I put credits, please!! (atenção: sou brasileira meu inglês e pessimo) (note: I am Brazilian and my English is very bad)

    1. Hi! You can use my meshes if you give me credit :)


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