Anto Flower Headband ~ Teen-to-Elder

Hi! This is a mega cute headband by Anto, and I decided to convert it for TS3! It won't match all the hairs, but most of them :) I changed the petals' texture, it wasn't so nice in TS3 as in TS2.
Can be found under glasses, for all categories. Teen-to-elder only (child and toddler, soon, I'll give it a try ;) )
Five recolors included (shown below + one daisy design)
The polycount is: around 4000 polys for HQ, and around 2500 polys for LQ.

Hairs by XM Sims, Peggy, me, and Savio.

Have fun! ^-^

Please, don't redistribute. Give credit or link back here.
Original mesh credit goes to CoolSims!



  1. I'm in love with these! Thank you so much :)
    Love the natural texture...

  2. Is that one of your hairs on the blonde model in the top picture? Pretty please give me a link if you have one? :3



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