NewSea Sailor Moon Hair ~ Teen-to-Elder

Hi! You may have been waiting for this or not, but here's is it anyway! XD
This is Yu's version of Sailor Moon hair, the best IMO. And no, the outfit, the accessories and the sim are not included. You'll have to wait a little more :)

Polycount is high. Around 14000 polys for HQ and around 9000 polys for LQ. This hair uses my highlights, is just that I'm not showing that this time.
Extra credit for LemonLeaf for his/her school uniform :)

Enjoy! ^-^

Please, don't redistribute. Give me credit or link back here.
Feel free to retexture this hair!
Original hair by NewSea



  1. ma il vestito da bunny nella foto ce ma a me non ce quando lo metto grz mi potresti dire dove lo posso trovare

  2. I am so excited to see this you have no idea.
    You rock, seriously thank you soooo much.

  3. I see that there is only one file in the zip. Is that just with the red things in her hair or just without? or both?

  4. Here you can download the hair only. The rest of the set is at MTS :)

  5. I downloaded the sailor moon suit; great work. :)
    Where can I find the sailor uniform featured in the second image? I've wanted a sailor suit for the sims 3 for a while. Please and thanks.

  6. The School Uniform is here:

  7. hi,
    i downloaded this beautiful sailor moon hair, but it is not in the game

    I saved it at "Electronic Arts/The Sims3/Mods/Packages"

    what have I done wrong???

    sorry - I'm a downloading beginner ;)
    in "Mods" i have the file "resource.cfg"
    is this right???

    1. you have to dubbleklik on it^^

  8. OMG you are amazing at this!

  9. Anubis genial ese pelo!!!
    Te pido por acá ( se que no se hacen pedidos ) si podes hacer el pelo o el sim de seiya Kou ( sailor Fighter ) versión Hombre. Dado que somos fanáticos con mi novia y no encontramos algo similar.. y el unico que vi en el mundo sims que haga cosas de sailor moon sos vos.
    desde ya.. mil gracias..
    saludos y excelentes tus trabajos!

  10. This is amazing, thank you so much for sharing! ^^

  11. Hi. Thank you so much for your wonderful Usagi hair!!! I love Sailormoon and was so happy to find such a high quality mesh for her hair. Thank you again! Have a box of internet cookies!!


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