(Requested) Man's Anto Hair 46 (BoA) ~ Fixed and Pooklet'd

Hi! This hair was requested, and I really like it for some reason! XD
Some of the fixes: missing LOD's added, better bones, shiny face fixed, etc... I've also added highlights and roots to the braids :)
The LOD1 it's probably full of transparency issues, because when you reduce the polycount with everything regrouped and with undersides, you get a big mess XD

This hair is high poly, around 20000+ polys for HQ, and around 10000+ polys for LQ.

Have fun! ^-^

PS: Don't ask me to delete the braids and add more hair, 'cause I won't do it. Go bug Anto for that x3

Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Conversion.
Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to Cazy and to me.
Original mesh credit goes to CoolSims!
Original conversion credit goes to Man




  1. Did anyone delete the braids yet?

  2. (Don't know if this is the right place to post, but i'll do it anyway :P) I found this really amazing sims 2 hair, and i wonder if you can convert it to sims 3?

    Here's the hair:


  3. Psh. I was manning a voter registration booth the other day, a girl walks by with almost this exact hairstlye, I swoon. Flat on my ass. The braids make it, people.

  4. I agree :D thanks for the hair, love it!

  5. I loved that hairstyle on BoA, I'm so glad! <3 My sims can rock the look too.

  6. Someone made a (as they put it) "deghettoified" version, I believe. Over at GoS.


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