(Requested) Rose Donation Set 14 ~ Pooklet'd

Hi! This hair was requested. The download contains the meshes for all ages and both genders, but you'll need the female version or those won't work (they're linked). This is the first time I share a retexured Rose's hair, I hope you like it :3 (no fringe back: second pic, with fringe back: third pic)

Have fun!

I Don't Take Any Credit of The Mesh Conversion
or The Mesh Itself.
Please, don't redistribute. Give credit to Rose and to me.
Original hair by Rose


  1. are the blonde models possible for download?

    may your world be blessed with happiness.

  2. Just the first blonde model is up for download here at my blog, under "Sims" tag. Thank you! ^-^

  3. This is my favorite hairstyle, but I don't like Rose textures! Thank you :D

  4. Since the latest patch, the hair is only working for females teen-elder. Is it not working because of the patch, or is it something else that I can fix?

  5. Hi! Can you please tell me how you got the noes so small and...perfect?!?! I know it's kind of weird...but my sims noses look really big and nothing like yours. ^^ Please & Thank U!


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