Peggy Hair 5280 ~ With separated accessory!

Hi! This was my favorite hair in TS2, and I finally could convert it after tons of failures. It's not perfect , you'll see some little flaws, and the bones are not really smooth as always, it was a really hard hair :/
It comes for teen to elder (it is NOT a hat hair), and the accessory is under earrings.
The polycount for HQ is 10432 polys, and the LQ is 6468 polys. The ribbon polycount is 572 polys.
Textures by Pooklet.

Please, don't redistribute. Give me credit or link back here.

Original hair by Peggy
Feel free to retexture this hair!


  1. Hey, I think this is lovely.
    May I ask: where is the top from that María Luz is wearing? It's beautiful. Thanks.

  2. @Anon: it's a dress from the Store :)

  3. Aww so kawaii but do u also have it as sims3package? I would love to get this 4 my sims T_T

  4. It's beautiful ^^
    But everytime I give it to a Sim, the game crashes right after clicking "okay"... *sniff*
    Do you have an idea, what I could do? I so want that hair >.<

  5. how do you download it i'm confused


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