Glee's Cheerleader Uniform ~ Teens-to-Adults

Hi! I can't believe there isn't any stuff from Glee for TS3! I had to do something to change that, as a Gleek I am. And besides from Glee t-shirts, this is the only idea I had XD
These uniforms work for teens, YA's and adults, under everyday and athletic categories. Channels are really obvious, so I'm not explaining that :P 
Oh, and, I know it's not an exact copy, and it looks a little (little) blurry in game in some parts, but it's not my fault, the textures are really neat, so there's not reason to point that out :)

Enjoy! ^-^

The original

If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.
Please, don't redistribute. Don't re use my mesh or texture without permission.





  1. I like very much your blog, but the big photos are too long to display...
    Tyty (

  2. I just fell in love with you again, like for real. Maybe now I can make Quinn. She's muh favoritee :D Well, next to Britt :D

  3. Witam Hey
    Śliczny strój .Lovely dress.

    Prowadzę blog i chciałabym się wymienić z tobą linkami oraz banerami .
    Running a blog and would like to exchange links with you, and banners.

    I have a small request if I can put your work on your blog.

    Pozdrawian z Poland.

  4. @Bozena: I'll be glad to exchange links ^-^

  5. umpf, Anubis, I love you. I mean, I already loved your clothes and hairs, but this just made my day ♥

  6. I'm so glad you moved to Blogger. I always wanted to comment on your posts, but I was too lazy to register (I guess I could've posted as an anon).

    Anyways, thanks much, I love this :D

  7. Very cool Anubis! -^.^ You make my day!

  8. Thank you very much. Have already put your banner and link on my blog.
    Feel free to each other. And as for the work that I can put it on your blog.

  9. auschick4 here:
    Yay! Sorry I've never commented before, i don't have a Livejournal account. I love this and all your stuff!!! I get so sick of all those dreaded "dark meshes" and then you retexture them and I'm like yay! Sorry I'm rambling. Finally some decent Glee stuff for my game!

  10. Nubieee! Could you make Kurts Cherrio's outfit as well? Also make it work for women, for Mercedes ya know ;D

    Fankiess :D

  11. I love cheerleaders!!!! And i love GLEE!!! Thanks Anubis!!!!

  12. Hey, I wonder if you'll re-set of clothes / accessories Lady Gaga?

  13. I really love this! And all of your clothing. You should REALLY make more clothes. You can really make quality clothing. It is really nice.

  14. Is this patched for late night/can you patch it?! it's not working on mine :/

  15. Fantastic job!!! Absolutely adore it.

    But i have a problem. When I download it, it doesn't automaticly change into a "sims3pac" file, so I have to replace the ending of the file name my self. (So I change it from GleeCherleaderOutfit_Teen_byAnubis360.rar to GleeCherleaderOutfit_Teen_byAnubis360.sims3pack and then the icon changes as well, so it looks like the other things I downloaded) So I thought everything was good - but...

    Then I move it to the 'Download' map and I open the Sims 3 menu and try to install it, but it won't and then a pop-up message comes and say that it looks like I need something on my laptop before I can install this object.

    Can somebody please help???

    Please mail me on if you know what to do (or reply in here)

    1. The .rar format that it comes in has to be unzipped with winrar. Then you get the .package and you have to move the file into "My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages"

  16. @idaemilie: that happens because that metod doesn't work. You have to install the .package files into "My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages" :)

  17. Where can i install it if i don't have the "Mod" folder??? :(

  18. This is so amazing! I love Glee. You should post your Brittany, Santana, and Quinn sims so we can use them. I would also like to see some clothes for Kurt!

  19. Omgmarryme. <3 I love you so much for these! I've been creating a Glee neighborhood (it started off with just Kurt, Dave, and their families, but I want to expand it to include more characters), so this is absolutely PERFECT. Thank you! :D

  20. How can I make the download?

  21. I am french and I like Diana Agran (Quinn, she's my actress prefer and Naya (Santana) is beautiful !
    You are fan for glee ? Sorry, I am terrible accent and I am don't speake English... But your art is beautiful !

  22. This is perfect for my sims going to university! Thanks Anubis :)


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